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workshop one

Mirrors & Windows

When creating educational spaces, we want to provide our learners an opportunity to see themselves by looking in a mirror, and we also want our learners to see into the lives of others through windows. Mirrors and windows help grow learner self-awareness and social-awareness. The approach increases learner sense of belong, self-respect, and appreciation for their own identity.

This 60 minute workshop provides opportunities to:

  • LEARN more about culturally relevant practices.
  • REFLECT on the services provided by your organization and how they align with a culturally relevant framework.
  • CREATE an action plan to provide culturally relevant direct service programming.
workshop TWO

Starting with You

As educators who engage learners, transformative self-awareness has the power to facilitate caring, just, inclusive, and healthy learning environments. Through multimedia, discussion, and individual reflection, educators and after-school practitioners explore their identity, potential “blinders”, and how those may impact their pedagogical practices and classroom culture. Walk away with strategies that help remove “blinders” and prioritize impact over intent.

This 90 minute workshop provides opportunities to:

  • REVIEW how our work connects with cultural relevance and anti-bias education.
  • EXPLAIN social identities and why they matter.
  • DISCUSS our individual identity and the implications.
  • ENGAGE in self-reflection and action planning.
workshop THREE

Leading with Cultural Humility

Are you a manager, supervisor, or leader? Being a leader means operating with vision, to build relationships, and drive change. Leading with cultural humility means your vision, relationships, and strategic change prioritize relationship building, social awareness, and self awareness. A commitment to life-long learning can only help drive positive outcomes for your team.

This two hour workshop provides opportunities to:

  • DISCUSS the concept of cultural humility.
  • LEARN how cultural humility connects your work.
  • ENGAGE in self-reflection.
  • CREATE an action plan for how to lead with cultural humility within your organization.

How else can I help:

  • manage difficult conversations with children about difficult topics
  • literacy best practices in out-of-school time
  • social and emotional skills for staff and children
  • proactive behavior management
  • program curriculum design

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